Every Door Direct mail for Local Businesses

Avenues for advertising have become fast, inexpensive, and effective. Businesses no longer have to have professional commercials produced or pay for air time. Websites provide businesses with a global reach and social media sites are free and popular. Most advertising is now done online. Many local businesses are suffering from declining sales because people are ordering items online. They do not have to take the time to enter a local store, browse around, and compare pricing. Shopping can be completed any time so customer are not limited to regular operating hours.

There are still traditional and cost-effective ways to draw a local crowd into retail stores, restaurants, and specialty shops. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an efficient and effective way to make announcements, promote featured items, provide coupons, and entice customers through the doors. Businesses have postcards printed with the business name, location, contact information, and offer. A route is selected for a specific area, or areas, and the postal carrier leaves a card at every door. Pricing for mailing is lower than regular rates because the cards will fall under bulk mailing. The process is easy, cost-effective, and targeted. Local businesses can select one route or several, depending on the desired outcomes. It is perfect to announce a new branch opening, introduce a new doctor or dentist in town, or promote a seasonal menu.

A comprehensive printing company, such as Sugar Land Printing Services, can help any business with an EDDM campaign from beginning to end. Graphic design services are available to create a logo, or develop a unique and eye-catching layout for the postcards. Printing is inexpensive and can be completed with fast turnaround time. Once postcards are finished, they will be delivered to the appropriate post office. Flyers, brochures, and door hangers can also be printed and mailed out. Commercial printing services also include business cards and letterhead printing, banners, menus, digital printing, and catalogs. Other services offered are complete web site design, marketing services, and email campaigns. Getting all printing, design, and marketing needs met at one company will save local businesses time and money, as well as provide an efficient way to attract new customers to the location.



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