Do Badges and Lanyards Have a Place in a House of Worship?

Just about everyone has visited a house of worship and noticed one or two people wearing badges bearing their names. Visitors are sometimes offered stick-on badges that help to identify them to the regular attendees. While that’s fine, some houses of worship are taking this idea and moving it to the next level. That level includes the use of customized badges and lanyards. Here is why this approach is worth considering.

A Convenient Way to Wear the Badge

Think of how nice it is to attach a badge to a lanyard and slip it over the neck. The approach works better than attempting to attach the badge to a lapel or in between a couple of shirt buttons.Some of the members who find the name badges to be more trouble than they are worth will find wearing one dangling at the end of a lanyard more comfortable and easy.

The same idea applies to visitors. Not everyone likes the idea of finding a place to stick an adhesive backed name tag or wear something that comes with a clasp. This is especially true if the individual is wearing a blouse or shirt that could be snagged by the clasp. Keeping some blank badges and spare lanyards on hand makes it easy to present the visitor with something that can be worn with ease and not lead to questions about where to place the badge.

Knowing Who Can Help With What

Customized badges make it easier for visitors to find people who can help them with specific questions or needs. Badges for the greeters help visitors know who to ask about the nursery, the restroom locations, and where the coffee and doughnuts will be served after the service. Repeat visitors who are interested in learning more about a committee will quickly know who to approach to find out what is happening in the next week or see if there is some way they can participate.

Something to Take Home

Those badges and lanyards can also be something visitors can take with them when they leave. Have the lanyard customized with the name and contact information of the house of worship. It will serve as a reminder to return another time.

Check out a Blog post or two about ways to put badges and lanyards to good use. Whether at work, a house of worship, or a special activity, they will come in handy.



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